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Chris Rouch

 Unix/Linux System Administrator

Key Skills

Operating Systems

Linux (Red Hat, Suse), Solaris


Perl, Python, PHP, C, Korn/Bash shell, JavaScript, HTML, SQL, CSS,  XML.


and Utilities

Tivoli Storage Manager, Alfresco, Kickstart, RPM, Apache, NIS, LDAP, DNS, LVM, Samba, VMware, Virtualbox.


Ability to organize myself and set priorities.
Excellent troubleshooting and problem solving skills.
Ability to identify tasks that require automation and automate them.
Appreciation of Unix security techniques.
Experience with X/KDE/Gnome administration and programming.
I am qualified for SAGE senior System Administrator positions.

Employment History

2008 - present

System Administrator, Solaris and Linux, Terma BV., Leiden, Netherlands.  I am working for a Danish company as a subcontractor to the European Space Agency, onsite at ESTEC as part of a system administration team supporting many variaties of unix and linux. The team also has responsibility for windows PCs and some Macs.

My job has included:

  • Installation and configuration of an alfresco cluster. 

  • Technical support for alfresco. 

  • Responsibility for Tivoli Storage Manager backups. 

  • Hardware specification and procurement. 

  • Configuring and testing hardware and software firewalls and VPNs. 

  • Installation and configuration of linux servers and workstations. 


Skills used include: Alfresco, Tivoli Storage Manager, Red Hat Linux, Suse Linux, Solaris Perl, PHP, Python, VMware.

2002 - 2008

System Administrator, Solaris and Linux, Terma BV., Leiden, Netherlands.  I was working for a Danish company as a subcontractor to the European Space Agency, on projects mainly relating to Satellite Checkout Systems, in particular Herschel-Planck, Galileo and an instrument for the James Webb Space Telescope These are based on a mixture of Solaris (version 8),  Red Hat Linux (7.2, RHEL 4 and Fedora Core 1-7) and Suse Linux (9 and 10).

My job  included:

  • Setting up automatic Installation and configuring of new servers and workstations  using kickstart and autoyast. 

  • Assisting with the software integration, including turning software builds into RPM packages. 

  • Simple network design and implementation. 

  • Hardware specification and procurement. 

  • Configuring and testing hardware and software firewalls and VPNs 

  • Using Flash CS3 and XML as a GUI builder 


Skills used include: Solaris, Red Hat Linux, Suse Linux, Kickstart, Perl, PHP, Python, OpenVPN, Samba, VMware.



System Administrator, Unix and Windows 2000, Promisant Ltd., Bermuda. I was working for a small startup company which is involved in processing credit card transactions. I was responsible for the installation, configuration and operation of the production servers. These included Sun 220s, IBM RS6000s and Compaq 1850s running Windows 2000 and Red Hat Linux. I was responsible for assuring the integrity of the systems, and thus the backups and disaster recovery, including full documentation.

Skills used included: Solaris,  AIX, Windows 2000, Linux, Backup Exec, Perl.

1999 - 2000

Unix System Administrator, contracted to UBS AG, Zürich, Switzerland. My prime responsibility was to produce a reporting tool for the NetBackup servers. This involved writing Perl scripts to pull data out of NetBackup and into an Oracle database, and writing Perl scripts to display the data from the database on the UBS internal web. Additionally, I provided third level support for the NetBackup servers and acted as Solaris expert for my group. This job also involved training myself on NetBackup and then transferring this knowledge to other members of the group.

Skills used included: Solaris, NetBackup, Perl, HTML, JavaScript, SQL, Solaris packaging.

July - December 1998

Unix System Administrator, contracted to Shell BV, Rijswijk, Netherlands. I was part of the third-line Unix support team. My responsibilities included organizing and supporting backups using Legato, writing scripts to maintain system consistency and implementing a changeover from diskless clients to jumpstarted standalone workstations.

Skills used included: Solaris, Legato, jumpstart, Perl, Korn shell, HTML.

January - July 1998

Unix System Administrator, contracted to Hewlett-Packard GmbH, Böblingen, Germany. My responsibilities included re-organizing HP9000 systems located in Amersfoort, Netherlands, with regard to implications for firewalls, plus the specification, installation and configuration of new servers running HP-UX 10.20.

Skills used included: HP-UX, RAID, LVM, Perl, Korn shell, HTML.

1996 to 1997

Senior Unix System Administrator, Serco GmbH, European Southern Observatory, Munich. I was Team leader of a group providing Unix system administration on Solaris and HP-UX platforms to the European Southern Observatory (ESO) at their headquarters. My responsibilities included:

  • ·.Designing and implementing a migration strategy, from the largely obsolete equipment inherited, to a modern, robust, architecture.   

  • ·.Managing the mail and news configurations.  

  • ·.Designing and installing applications to monitor system status and security.  

  • ·.Overseeing the IT section of the web site.  

  • ·.Providing online documentation.  

  • ·.Managing between 3 and 5 staff.  

Skills used included: Solaris, HP-UX, IRIX, Perl, C, Korn shell, Javascript, HTML, Sendmail, mh, procmail, INN, NIS, DNS, LVM, RAID, NCSA web server.

1995 to 1996

Unix System Administrator, Digicon Ltd, NAM, Assen. Part of a small team of Unix system administrators supporting the NAM computing infrastructure. This comprised of Sun workstations running Solaris and HP-UX and Convex servers. I had particular responsibility for the Suns and for the setup and maintenance of a WWW server.

Skills used included: Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, Perl, Korn shell, HTML, NIS.

1991 to 1995

Unix System Administrator, Serco Europe Ltd., ESTEC, Noordwijk, Netherlands. I was system administrator for a project that involved simulating the interface between astronauts and payloads on board a space station. I was system administrator for the Unix systems (Suns), along with setting up and maintaining e-mail, Usenet news and web services.

Skills used included: Solaris, Perl, C, Korn shell, HTML, Sendmail, NIS, DNS.

1986 to 1991

Unix System Administrator, British Telecom Research Laboratories, Martlesham Heath, Ipswich, England. I was part of a group responsible for providing the computing resources for a large site (150 people, 120 computers + PCs and Macs), in a quality controlled environment, working to ISO9000 standards. We were responsible for a mixture of HP, SUN and DEC workstations and servers. Additionally I was responsible for developing software to aid in the system administration tasks.
Skills used included: Solaris, HP-UX, ULTRIX, Perl, C, Korn shell, NIS.



4 `A' levels and 9 `O' levels
Merchant Taylor's School
Crosby, Liverpool, England.


BSc Electrical and Electronic Engineering, 2(i)(Honours)
Leeds University, England



Native speaker


Spoken - basic

Written - basic

Personal Details


Chris Rouch



Notice period

Two months

Marital status



Contact Details

Home Address

Koolstraat 3B

2312 PS Leiden


Mobile Telephone

+31 6 4805 1217


Web Site


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